High Frequency Dewatering Screen

Product Introduction

A multi frequency dewatering screen with large capacity and full dehydration.Production capacity≤250t/h.Product ImprovementThe efficient multi frequency dewatering screen adoptsscreen side opening holes and the water flows out from the hole quickly accelerating the dewatering speed in addition it avoids the damage due to water splashed onto the motor.

The product adopts double vibration motor as power supply The two motors that rotate synchronously and reversely and centrifugal force is produced by two groups of eccentric block. This makes the screen body periodical to-and-fro moving along the direction of straight line which is for the purpose of dehydration. The screen frame is connected by the high-intensity bolts so the structure is stable and durable.

Product Features

Xinhai Company has many special technical designs in dewatering screen. The main deck of the screen slopes upwards and forms a 45° sloping with the back-deck section. Two vibration motors are installed horizontally. One is installed on the top of the other one. Unbalanced gravity produces rotary effect makes the screen work stably

Double vibration motor excitation firm and compact structure getting rid of thedefectsof traditional eccentric vibrator such as large structure oil leakage large wear large noise inconvenient repair etc.

Xinhai wear-resistant rubber lined on the side guard plate of Xinhai dewatering screen protects it from wearing and reduces the pollution of iron.

Xinhai mine dewatering screen uses the Xinhai embedded wear-resistant urethane mesh its life is 3-10 times longer than the traditional metal mesh’s and it avoids direct collision of metal frame and ore.

Vibration damper for dewatering screen is used Xinhai rubber damper column which is more suitable for wet conditions and is durable.

Product Appliion

Xinhai high efficiency multi frequency dewatering screen can be widely used in tailings dry stacking fine mineral dewatering chip removing carbon-in-pulp separation etc.

The efficient multi frequency dewatering screen is particularly suitable for processing fine minerals. In addition it combined with Xinhai cyclone is more efficient and can be widely used for tailings dry stacking concentrate dewatering and so on.

Technical Data

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