Tailings Re Processing Line

Solution Introduction

Xinhai tailings re-processing line with the thought of protecting ecosystem and fully using resources provide a re-processing for those valuable metal or non-metal tailings. According different property of all kinds of ore tailings Xinhai can design reasonable process and fully find the value in the tailings.

Solution Appliion

Xinhai tailings re-processing line applies to re-processing of various metal or non-metal tailings including iron gold lead-zinc copper fluorite wolfram phosphate graphite bauxite etc.

Flow Design Equipments

Iron tailings the iron tailings discharge from iron ore plant is in large amount fine size and different types and complex property so Xinhai use the process of magnetic separation flotation acid leaching and flocculation to recover iron.

Gold tailings Xinhai usually use all-slime cyanide process and carbon-in-pulp process to recover the gold from gold tailings. As for the gold tailings cyaniding Genius will apply the method of dry-tailing stacking. That is though the process of classifying and dewatering at the same recycling the water recourses to remove the cyanide in it. Moreover Genius will use magnetic separation and gravity separation to remove the iron.

Lead-zinc tailings the main component of the lead-zinc tailings are quartz and suicide sericite. Except the method of stockpiling in tailings pool dry-tailing stacking and mine filling Xinhai will also apply gravity separation flotation separation magnetic separation gravity - flotation separation and other process to recycle the valuable elements.

Copper tailings if the copper with high heavy metals content the separation will be easier and apply the process of flotation. If there exist magnetite in the copper tailings it will firstly using acid leaching to precipitate the copper then use magnetic separation accordingly.

Fluorite ore tailings Genius use the process of flotation to reselect the fluorite roughing and then cleaning. Before roughing the pulp and the reagent will be fully stirred. After that repeated cleaning will be proceed.

Wolfram tailing Genius will apply gravity separation magnetic separation and flotation separation to recycle the wolfram. The gravity separation is commonly used. Wolfram tailing re-selection process is mainly used spiral chute and centrifugal ore separator to roughing shaking table and flotation to cleaning.

Phosphate tailing siliceous collophanite mainly include quartz siliceous minerals in gangue mineral so the floatability of gangue is larger than valuable mineral.

Graphite tailingsGenius will use the process of stage grinding and screening to recover the graphite from tailings. In the process of separation flotation and shaking table is always used. If we want to achieve comprehensive recovery of several kinds of minerals from graphite tailings we should combine several separation methods.

Bauxite tailings when deal with the bauxite tailings flotation separation and magnetic separation is the common process. Moreover wetting dry-tailing stacking and mine filling is always used.

Our Case

There is a forty-year gold plant in Inner Mongolia. In 2002 before the construction of new tailings pool the gold tailings in the old tailings pool was over 900 thousand ton. The gold content was about 1665kg while silver content was about 25t.

Xinhai practice tailings re-processing line in pulp-in-carbon factory capacity was 300t/d recycled gold and silver by using Gold CIP Production Line. In order to improve the target Genius applied negative oxygen machine instead of a vacuum pump and adopted leaching while absorption process. After the process of gold loaded carbon desorption pregnant solution electrodeposit the gold concentrate is produced. The indexes comparison as follow before reformation gold and silver concentrate grade is 2.83g/t gold leaching rate is 86.5 while silver is 48. Finally gold recovery rate is 80.4 while silver is 38.2. The process fully exploit the value of tailings and enhances the efficiency of plant.

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